07.04.14 – The IndiePendence Art & Music Festival (Boulder, CO)

The Electrical Fire - Live in Boulder, CO - 07.04.14


We arrived in Boulder as guests of the Days Inn which was more charming than could be expected. The Electrical Fire was a last-minute addition to the IndiePendence Art & Music Festival’s line-up and the choice hotel rooms were all snatched up by the time we made our arrangements.

We were given a twenty-minute set on one of the main stages as a warm-up for the headliners, an up-and-coming British electronic-folk collective. One of their songs is in a car commercial and they sort of hit at the right time. It’s the “electronification” of music. It’s bringing 21st century sounds to some genres that could use it. 

Some might argue that this sort of thing is blasphemous—they say, “folk music shouldn’t sound like a rave.” They think that incorporating electronic sounds cheapens the original genre in a way—does it a dis-service. And I would say that’s not how music works. Music is a free flow of ideas and sounds with no limits on inspiration. The idea of “genres” in music is as out-dated as the brick-and-mortar stores that created the compartmentalization of music. If you didn’t fit within their “all artists, a-z, pop/rock, jazz, rap/hip-hop, or dance” framework, you were exiled from the industry. There’s a nostalgia for these places but it’s in their wake that artists have more control over how people consume their music and how they, themselves, define it as the artist.

Anyway, IndiePendence was our first festival show and it was a thrill to play in front of a crowd that big, even if most of them were unfamiliar. Being that we only had twenty minutes, we decided to have some fun and bust out two cover songs for the occasion. A couple of fun rockers that people know. We sandwiched them between two tracks from our upcoming album that we’ve been working on for the better part of the last year. 







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